Update February 2017

A second phase of sampling for the Global Sewage Surveillance Project has now been opened with the addition of support funding from the Novo Nordisk Foundation and continued support from the World Health Organization.

We wish to collect 2L of urban sewage four times in the study period, two times in 2017 and two times in 2018 from major cities around the world. The target is to enroll more than 100 countries and multiple cities within each country.

If you did not participate in the first phase of sampling and wish to join the Global Sewage Surveillance Project, please contact Rene Hendriksen (rshe@food.dtu.dk) for more information about the opportunities from participation.


Rene S. Hendriksen
Professor, Head of Research Group
National Food Institute
+45 35 88 62 88
11 AUGUST 2022