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TWIW Project Status

Project Status for Two Weeks in the World (TWIW)
TWIW Project Status Update 17 March 2020

The TWIW collaboration has since initiation in September 2019 onboarded partners around the world as visualized by the map above. We are still onboarding partners. If you can see your country is not represented, or you are interested in registering even though your country is already participating, please get in touch or register via the Survey Monkey link ( We expect to list the names of the collaborating units once permission has been given to do so.

TWIW sampling status, 17 March 2020

Units registered or partially registered as partners: 87
Parcels with sampling material received by partners ready to sample: 56
Parcels with samples or DNA returned to DTU: 5

Please note that as of 12 March 2020, we have paused the project to the extent possible, due to the Danish Covid-19 response, which involves a complete lock-down of the public sector, including universities and research groups. We are still working from our homes, while laboratory work will be performed only if absolutely necessary. Many of our partners, including the majority of those situated in Europe, are also affected by their national Covid-19 response. Seeing as our partners all play a role in the health sectors in their respective countries, we do not expect any of them to put any efforts in to sampling for TWIW, while involved in their national Covid-19 responses.

Due to a number of reasons, a major one being the effect of the SARS-Cov-2 pandemic on the TWIW project, we have decided to stretch the sampling window until the end of November 2020 (thirty-nine weeks instead of two, acronym still holds!). While on lock down, we are happy to assist in the preparatory phases of participation, including applications for ethical permissions and whatever else we can assist with.