Novel genomic and data science technologies for addressing global challenges

Monday 21 Aug 23


Shilpa Garg
Senior Researcher
DTU Biosustain
Presentation from the Research Group for Genomic Epidemiology – 21 August 2023

Shilpa Garg, Senior Researcher, Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability, was a guest presenter at this week’s meeting.

The creation of global sustainable biotech-solutions for growing population needs is one of the major challenges of this century. To achieve this, major innovations are using cutting-edge genomic technology solutions. However, even after decades of efforts, the genomic diversity of major microbes like fungi, virus and bacteria are not fully understood, despite our dependence in them for the biotechnical production of foods - a cornerstone process to achieve a sustainable food production. In this talk, I will present cutting-edge genomic biotechnologies for complete genomics, and data science methods and software (omics-guided discoveries) for genomic underpinnings for complex phenotypic traits. I will also demonstrate examples of clinically relevant genes like HLA/KIR suitable for complex disease associations.

Please read more about Shilpa Garg’s research in this publication.

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2 OCTOBER 2023