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Presentation from the Research Group for Genomic Epidemiology – 02 May 2022

Wednesday 04 May 22


Narong Nuanmuang
PhD student
National Food Institute
A Global Overview of Antimicrobial Resistance in Salmonella enterica

Salmonella enterica can be found as a commensal organism in a wide range of hosts. It has been listed as a pathogen that poses one of the greatest threats to human health by the World Health Organization (WHO). Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in Salmonella is recognized as one of the major threats to public health. Recently, whole-genome sequencing (WGS) has been increasingly used to characterize bacterial isolates, both for research, outbreak detection, and surveillance. WGS data and metadata could potentially provide novel insight into the global distribution, diversity, and transmission of Salmonella strains and AMR.

The objective of this project was to investigate the antimicrobial resistance of global Salmonella from WGS data and find the association of AMR with metadata (year, geographical location, and isolation sources). The presentation revealed that Salmonella from online public databases was mainly isolated from avian and human. S. Enteritidis and S. Typhimurium were the first and second common serovars, distributed in several continents and isolation sources over time.

The presentation also showed the resistance in 8 classes: aminoglycoside, beta-lactam, fluoroquinolone, folate pathway antagonist, macrolide, phenicol, polymyxin, and tetracycline. Beta-lactam and fluoroquinolone are two main therapeutic alternatives against this organism. For blaTEM-1B and parC(p.T57S)&qnrB19 were the most common resistance of beta-lactam and fluoroquinolone, respectively. Both profiles were found commonly in several isolation sources and serovars. Additionally, blaTEM-1B was found generally over time, while parC(p.T57S)&qnrB19 had a more resistance increase in the last 10 years. Therefore, analyzing WGS data and metadata of the project is a mission to support the global surveillance of AMR in Salmonella.

Narong Nuanmuang's presentation

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